Shedding landscapes

They reflect my interest in landscapes and cities. I take great pleasure in travelling in the countryside as well as in cities, by foot, by bicycle, by car, by train, by bus, not to mention the pleasure I take by plane.

Each transport medium relates to a specific scale of time and allows discovering aspects of places that are not always visible while using another medium.
I am interested in the ways landscapes and cities change. We live in an era where most inhabited places in the world change very fast, under the pressure of increasing population, increasing urban densification and global warming.
Many places that are not inhabited today will become inhabited.
If I become old, most of what I know today will have changed beyond recognition. Sometimes changes are splendid, even when dangerous for our condition as human beeings.
It is this beauty that I try to convey in the shedding landscapes as well as in the chaotic pieces presented in
A sense of catastrophe (Un certain sens pour les catastrophes)

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