Working with ceramics

I am drawn to working with ceramics because of its ability to capture and reveal movements taking place during the firing.
When working with ceramics, I use a large palette of clays and minerals, and the firing is assigned a crucial role: it is expected to disrupt that which I have carefully constructed.
In building the pieces and using components which are likely to melt or warp, I try to orchestrate the upheavals that the firing can bring. Once a piece is removed from the kiln, it is extracted from its container if I have been using one, then ground or carved, and sometimes combined with other media. In this way I seek to enhance the way the components moved during the firing.

Dale Dorosh (A.I.R Vallauris) writes in the exhibition catalogue European Ceramic Context 2010, Published by Kunstmuseum Bornholm, 2010, p.164:
"Anne's desire is to visually convey different kinds of tensions, such as the tension between order and disorder. Her creative process has several aspects. She looks for interesting and contrasting textures, forms individual sculptural elements in clay and produces compact masses suggestive of geological processes by incorporating feldspars in big quantities. These separate elements are then composed into a stable structure. Feldspars (feldspath in French) are an important element of Anne’s work.
She explains: “They can have no form of their own unless placed inside something that acts as a mould and I am interested in this characteristic because it allows me to suggest change and movement. During the firing, feldspars melt and move; modifying the composition I made and suggesting the process of evolution, either through soft modifications or through complete upheavals”. While most of her sculptures explore the visual impact in terms of a landscape, the installation Périple focuses on Human Beings. Each piece has cracks, breaks and fractures, yet each is standing… each is singular yet has characteristics in common with the others… like human beings, whose resilience through the different trials and hardships of life is surprising, and whose universal condition is an attribute in spite of differences."

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